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RM updates: home page face-lift and automation

Continuing with our promised updates about what has been done in the Release Management team during the last 2 weeks, other than the publication of the 2.50MP7 and 2.50MP8 releases.

Homepage face-lift

We have given a face-lift to the Release Management homepage, with the following major changes:

  • Release schedules and security have now a greater weight.
  • We have updated the our subprojects (what keeps us busy).
  • The RM related documentation has been organized into 4 sections.


  • New job to automatically create the API documentation (javadoc) for new maintenance packs.
  • Huge progress towards achieving a total release automation.

For a complete list of the on-going stories we’ve been working on, check the Sprint 26 page of our Scrum spreadsheet.


Written by jpabloae

04/11/2009 at 23:58

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