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Mercurial ready for Openbravo ERP

Openbravo ERP has moved from Subversion to Mercurial. Trunk and the stable branches have been migrated. Trunk has been renamed to “main”. The new server is located in Europe and its new name is This is the new repository structure:

New repository structure

New repository structure

So for example main is located at:

If you browse to you’ll get the full list of ERP development repositories.

There is a new repository called pi, which stands for Pre-Integration. Till 2.50 is released we will only accept bugfix pushes to main. All new developments have to pushed to the pi repository. Then those developments will be integrated into main when the proper QA has been done.

So to begin with you should install Mercurial. Then if you haven’t done so it’s recommended to read the  developer guide. Then, you can do a clone of main and play with it following the guide. You can also install and configure the Mercurial Eclipse plugin. Before pushing make sure you have properly configured Mercurial. Your credentials are the same one as with Subversion.

So from now on Subversion is not used for trunk and the stable branches. You should work on the new server and with Mercurial.


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  1. […] branch into trunk, or vice versa. I want to show you how much this has been simplified with the switch to Mercurial. In this example we merge erp/devel/pi into erp/devel/main, a total of 220 changesets. The process […]

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